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Watch Our Vlog Interview Here With Deaf Chef Ross In Auslan (Australian Sign Language.)


One of my employees recommended Rebecca’h from Conscious Lifestyler to provide my team and I Health and Nutrition Coaching. Rebecca’h provided specific training and mentoring which has enabled us to further assist our clients on all things ‘food and cooking’ related.

Upon our meet and greet Rebecca’h was warm, friendly and approachable. Rebecca’h ensured that all of the requested topics were adequately covered. She was professional, organised and responsive. Rebecca'h has extensive knowledge in her field which has helped us better understand the impact of food and nutrition. Her live cooking class was amazing! As a result, we have subsequently had further follow up group consultations and coaching with Rebecca'h.  

Her cookbook 'Eat Well Live Well' is also amazing. I love the recipes especially the grazing platters.

Rebecca’h can also sign Auslan very well which is an added bonus! 

I highly recommend Rebecca’h - Thank you so much. 

Ross Onley-Zerkel - Deaf Chef Ross.

Rebecca'h from Conscious Lifestyler offered me great support and plenty of knowledge to help me navigate my way to improved health and well-being. Rebecca'h was kind, caring and compassionate. The tools she provided me with have benefited me greatly.

I thoroughly recommend her coaching service to anyone who is interested in improving their health and upskilling their knowledge of nutrition.     

I have also purchased three of her books because they are fantastic! 

Tim Pescarini - Executive Chef.


I have been working closely with Rebecca'h for the last 6 weeks. I have had Type 2 Diabetes and have been on medication for the past five years. Since following Rebecca'h's 'Whole Food - Plant Based Healing Protocol' I am thrilled to report that I no longer have Diabetes and my Doctor has taken me off my medication. My cholesterol levels are now normal and as an added bonus I have also lost 9 kg. I am feeling far more energetic, mentally clearer and very happy with my overall health.

I am so grateful for the knowledge and tools that I have received from Rebecca'h through her 'health & nutrition' coaching sessions. I now experience a much higher quality of life and enjoy eating delicious food every day! 

I highly recommend Rebecca'h to anyone who is looking to improve their overall health, quality of life and eating habits.  

I would also like to add that I have been communicating with Rebecca'h in AUSLAN. I really appreciate the clear, flexible and confidential communication that we share. 

Christine Field - Administration.


I am so grateful that I have been able to work with Rebecca'h for several months now. Rebecca’h is more than a Nutrition Coach. She is extremely knowledgeable with all aspects of health and nutrition, not only with the physical aspect of health but healing the deeper inner soul and improving my overall wellbeing.

Rebecca'h has educated, advised and guided me the best way possible to support my entire mind and body through proper nutrition, lifestyle choices and self-care. Rebecca'h’s strong conviction that ‘food is medicine’ and how our environment can impact our overall health and well-being has been contagious. Because of Rebecca'h I have now found my true passion ‘Food and Nutrition’ which has changed my life! 

Rebecca’h has guided me in the kitchen teaching me how to explore a variety of new and interesting nutritious dishes. I have really enjoyed exploring a different and healthier way of eating so much so, that it’s sparked a desire in me to learn more. So much more that I have been studying to become a ‘Certified FM Nutrition Coach.’ l am so excited and looking forward to incorporating my newfound skills and passion into my existing business and helping others.

 I have also purchased a number of Rebecca’h’s recipe books and gifted them to family and friends!

Erin Harris - Owner Sea Expression.


Through working with Rebecca'h I've been able to implement and take ownership of my wellness goals. She has a wealth of knowledge about healthy eating and nutrition which she shares with passion and care. Rebecca'h was very approachable and respectful and was able to tailor our coaching sessions to my exact needs.

Rebecca'h has also put together her own recipes which are delicious, easy to prepare and provide a broad range of the elements essential for good health. I would highly recommend Rebecca'h to anyone looking to understand how to incorporate good nutrition into their daily lives and improve their well-being.

Rebecca Payne - Artist.


I am thoroughly enjoying my 12 Week Health & Nutrition Program with Rebecca'h, with the added bonus that we communicate in AUSLAN. In a short period of time my health has improved significantly. By correcting my diet and food choices, I am sleeping better, I have far more energy, my tinnitus has greatly improved and I have overall improved health and wellbeing. I am feeling more youthful, and my mental health has also greatly improved.

Rebecca'h has taught me which foods are suited to my blood type, how to swap out gut damaging foods with healing plant-based foods, how to shop budget friendly and how to cook delicious food!

I am truly grateful for everything that Rebecca'h has taught me. She has truly opened my eyes to a whole new world and way of living. I am now keenly interested in growing my own organic food. I encourage anyone who is looking to educate themselves and improve their health and wellbeing to work closely with Rebecca'h. She is a wealth of knowledge, is very supportive and gives her all.       

Paul Tsinas - Photographer.