About Us

Welcome to Conscious Lifestyler. My name is Rebecca'h Pescarini - Walker, 'wellness advocate and change maker.' I am the founder, heart and soul of Conscious Lifestyler. I am the proud author of Eat Well Live Well - Organic Plant Based Wholefoods. I am truly passionate about food and wellness especially in the fields of integrative nutrition, preventative medicine and the reversal of dis-ease. I am a certified Health and Nutrition Coach with a background in nutrition and natural medicine. I am a great believer that food is medicine therefore we individually have the power to take control of our own well-being based on the choices that we make. My own personal wellness journey has continued to steer me in an ever evolving path of learning, discovery and commitment to wellness. I look forward to empowering you and providing you with specific tailor made tools to enhance, guide and support you so that you can live your very best life possible.