About Us

Welcome to Conscious Lifestyler. My name is Rebecca'h Pescarini - Walker, wellness advocate and change maker. I am the founder, heart and soul of Conscious Lifestyler. I am the author of Eat Well Live Well - Organic Plant Based Wholefoods. I am also the proud recipe creator and writer, food stylist, photographer and designer of my book. I am truly passionate about food and wellness especially in the fields of nutrition, preventative medicine and the reversal of dis-ease. I have a background in nutrition and natural medicine. I am a great believer that food is medicine therefore we individually have the power to take control of our own well-being based on the choices that we make. My own personal wellness journey has continued to steer me in an ever evolving path of learning and discovery and commitment to wellness. I look forward to sharing the knowledge that I obtain with you, so that you can enjoy the many rewards of living a healthy and conscious lifestyle.