Nature VS Pharma


Today we are facing the greatest threat to ‘Body Sovereignty,’ the sacred born given right of full control of ones body.

It is of popular opinion today that good health comes from a pill and immunity from injections. However this could not be further than the truth. Our bodies do not become ill from a lack of pharmaceutical deficiencies. Our bodies become ill from a lack of baseline health, from nutritional deficiencies and an overload of toxicity. From a lack of feeding our cells real organic wholefoods. From a void of consuming living vibrational plants from the earth (raw fruit and vegetables.) From a lack of sunshine, Vitamin D and basking in nature. 

Our bodies have been divinely and intelligently created with broad spectrum immunity to protect and support us throughout our entire lifetime given the right environmental conditions.

When we level up and take action to support and boost our immune system naturally with wholistic lifestyle practices we give our body the best chance of defense and natural healing.

True health can only come from nature. True health is not created from synthetic foreign matter made in a lab in its many various forms. True health is obtained from consistently adopting and practicing wholistic wellness choices throughout ones life time.