Metabolic Medicine



Metabolic Medicine is a collective term to describe the therapeutic approach which employs diet, exercise, stress management, hydration, supplementation, detoxification (both inner and environmental) and other disciplines to clean out the system and boost the body’s defences. Metabolic medicine acknowledges as a central tenet that the body has an incredible propensity for self-healing if given half a chance. This is the medicine of the future and embraces a wide range of scientifically validated disciplines which have been dismissed as ‘alternative medicine’ but in fact assist in normalising body metabolism and restoring the body to health. 

Metabolism is the never ending biochemical process by which life carries out its functions. Doctors who deal with disease by means of attempting to restore normal metabolism are said to practise metabolic medicine. At first glance one would think this should be the only type of medicine practised, but in fact mainstream medicine uses man-made drugs to try to alter the natural process of metabolism and induce an artificial state in which undesirable symptoms are not allowed to be expressed. This is called allopathic medicine. 

The job description of a doctor practising metabolic medicine is to identify the areas of breakdown of the normal metabolic process and restore them to full functioning through supplying the missing nutrient or hormone, or by encouraging the release of personal stress, realigning the body, readjusting the immune system, and working to prevent future recurrence of the problem. This process takes time and careful study.” Ron Kennedy MD. 

There is no disease condition or disorder to which metabolic medicine cannot be applied. Notice the differences in approach between allopathic and metabolic medicine. Allopathic medicine seeks to use drugs, surgery and radiation to treat symptoms while metabolic medicine seeks to correct the underlying reason the person became sick in the first place. Doctors practising metabolic medicine can use allopathic resources as part of their arsenal whereas allopathic doctors are generally taught to avoid a wide range of metabolic treatments, believing them useless and quackery - including diet!

Phillip Day - Credence Publications.